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How Provillus for Women Works

How does Provillus provide such amazing results? As we age, our bodies stop producing the vital hormones that promote proper hair health and growth. With a lack of healthy levels of estrogen, melatonin, and certain ceramides, a woman's hair starts to thin and fall out.

With Provillus, you get two high-quality hair restoration treatments in one! Our Topical spray includes the only FDA-approved ingredient for rapid growth and improved thickness. Our natural supplement is a patented blend of clinically proven hair-healthy ingredients – like Biotin, Magnesium, and High-Quality Amino Acids.

Key Supplement Ingredients

Biotin plays an extremely important role in the growth of healthy hair, skin, and nails. Provillus provides your body with this natural hormone to revitalize your scalp and rejuvenate your full head of hair.

Did you know 87% of balding women have a magnesium deficiency? Magnesium works with calcium to promote healthy hair growth. In just a few weeks you can see what balanced magnesium levels can do for your hair.

Amino Acids
Amino Acids play an important role in your body’s ability to fight the signs of aging. Reduced wrinkles, increased moisture, preventing grey hairs, and stunting further hair loss.

Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 is absolutely essential for proper hair health and hair growth. This unique nutrient turbo-charges the metabolism of proteins, including those found in newly formed hair follicles.

Topical Spray

Unlike other topical treatment, our Minoxidil spray goes on clear, absorbs fast, and is virtually odorless. Paired with our once-a-day supplement, you can discretely transform your hair over time without anyone else ever noticing! 


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