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Quotation MarksI read literally hundreds of hair loss remedy reviews and eventually settled on Provillus after a friend of mine also mentioned how good it was. I’m only 5 weeks in to using it and I’m already noticing some hair growth again. Amazing product and so happy I picked it. (Mike)



Quotation MarksAfter 6 weeks I am seeing some incredibly positive results. It is early days yet so we’ll see, but I am genuinely pleased if not somewhat surprised with the Provillus results. You can be skeptical about this Provillus review. I would indeed encourage a certain amount of healthy skepticism. I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. I simply feel that I need to post my results after reading some comments by people who are dismissing the product without even trying it. (JB)

Quotation MarksWorks for me, seriously. I hated the side effects of Propecia and did not really work. Then I tried Revivogen for several years - messy. Then went to Procerin - not sure why I changed. Provillus is by far the best. My hair is thicker. It took about 3 months to see any improvements. I started noticing the difference when I shampoo my hair. The scalp wasn’t smooth anymore. I’ve been using Provillus for about a year. (KW)

Quotation MarksI have tried this product for approximately 8 months. I’ve been using both the Provillus topical solution and the Provillus pills. I have to admit that I’ve haven’t been as consistent in using them as I probably should have been. It’s hard to tell whether it’s been making my hair grow, but I haven’t noticed any further hair loss. (PA)

Quotation MarksThe fist time I purchased this in a complete set with the minoxidil it worked like magic. I stopped taking it and I regret it every day because my hair fell out worse and it never grew back after I repurchased it and tried it again. once you start you shouldn't stop. (Kenneth)

Quotation MarksMy husband complained about his hair loss for a couple of years until he got hold of Provillus. After around 3 months we both started to notice improvements. It’s nice to know that there is also no harsh chemicals at work too. (Maria D.)

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